Read the text about a haunted castle. For questions 1–5,
choose the correct word for each gap (a, b or c).

0 is the example.

a/ who
b/ what
c/ whom

The Hauntings of Castle Stuart
Scotland has many haunted castles, but perhaps the most chilling stories come from Castle Stuart in the Highlands.
The castle was built in 1561 and has a frightening and bloody history. Here are two of its ghost stories.

The East Tower
In 1798, a storm blew the roof off the castle’s East Tower. The Earl 0 __ lived there didn’t have enough money to
repair it so the tower was closed. Finally, in the 1930s, repairs started. One of the workmen started to knock a hole
through the wall into the East Tower. At 1 __ moment, he heard a voice cry, ‘No!’ His heart started to beat faster, but
he continued to work. 2 __ something pushed him and he fell backwards. He ran out of the building, but cold hands
tried to pull him back. He got away and 3 __ returned.

The ‘Three Turret’ room
An Earl who came to live in the castle was terrified by ghostly noises and screaming. He offered £20 to any man who
would stay in the ‘Three Turret’ room. Four men accepted the challenge: a minister, a shoemaker, a church elder and
a local or ‘Highlander’, Rob Angus. The plan was that each man would spend a night in the room and then compare
their experiences to see if the ghosts really existed. The minister, the shoemaker and the church elder all tried to stay
the night alone, but each one of them saw the large, angry, and terrifying ghost of a Highland man. Rob Angus was
strong and never afraid of anything. The servant who locked the room 4 __ the last person to see him alive. The next
morning, Rob’s body was found on the ground outside the castle. The room was a mess – all the furniture was turned
over and the window was broken. No one 5 __ what really happened that night.

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