Read the text about clothes. For questions 1–5, decide if
the statements are T (true) or F (false). 0 is the example.

Watch what you wear

There is now more freedom than ever in today’s world to wear whatever you want, wherever you want. Many young
people don’t have to wear a uniform to school, so you can see everything in the classroom from ripped jeans and badly
fitting T-shirts to designer tracksuits and trainers. However, it’s not only teenagers who are taking advantage of this
freedom. According to public relations supervisor Andrea Roth, adults are not dressing as well at work or for job interviews
as in the past. Although many companies are happy to accept a more liberal attitude to clothes at work, Ms Roth suggests
that some employees still make the mistake of interpreting casual as careless.

So what should we wear to an interview? Even if the company image gives the impression of being relaxed and informal,
it’s better to over-dress a little bit than to arrive in very casual clothes. Andrea Roth believes that most employers still
want an interviewee to arrive in a suit because they expect the person to look smart, mature and business-like. If a
candidate for a job dresses in a less formal way, the interviewer might question whether the person really wants to get the
job or not.

And what about everyday clothes in the office? There are no strict universal rules for a dress code at work but it’s always a
good idea to find out about any official guidelines or rules in your company handbook. ‘I think it’s a good idea to make an
effort, the same as you would do with your actual work,’ says Andrea Roth. ‘If a man or woman wears jeans to work, they
should match them with a smart jacket, classic T-shirt, and a good pair of shoes. Many people stop thinking about what to
wear after working in the same place for a few years but don’t forget your appearance is a constant factor in how others
understand your professional attitude at work,’ she adds.

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